First round of webinars on distance learning over

Due to the emergency caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Ayb School has successfully launched online lessons. Our teachers and students uninterruptedly continued studies on Microsoft Teams platform they have already used before.

Ayb School has always been a supporter of testing educational innovations and new methods, as well as always expressed willingness to share its experience, thus contributing to the improvement of the Armenian educational system. In conditions of emergency, Ayb School initiated a series of webinars on distance learning. Held by the teachers and students, they lasted more than a month.

The first series included 6 webinars. The teachers went live to tell about the online platforms and tools enabled for distance education. Each webinar got a great response with more than 5,000 views. We received messages from both Armenian and Diaspora schools, emphasizing the usefulness of the webinars.

During the first teacher-oriented webinar the director of academic affairs, Meri Hovsepyan, presented the options to remote teaching. Natural sciences subject group leader Zaruhi Karabekian dwelled on individual and self-guided work. Social studies subject group leader Lilit Minasyan told about the tools to improve the students’ writing and thinking skills during distance education. Armenian language and literature subject group leader Anahit Hovhannisyan focused on the advantages of distance education and independent work.

English language teacher Lilit Petrosyan, mathematics teacher Naira Arshakyan, history teacher Sargis Baldaryan, dance teacher Armine Hovhannisyan and Armenian language & literature teacher Astghik Karapetyan took part in the second webinar to present tools used on Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Teams,,,, platforms.

The third seminar was held by Russian language teacher Kima Vaneskehyan, English language teacher Anna Movsisyan, history teachers Nina Hayrapetyan and Julieta Kchanyan. They explained how to work with,,,,,,, platforms.

The fourth webinar was held by music teacher Hayarpi Bazikyan, dance teacher Armine Hovakimyan, physical culture teacher Anna Movsisyan, as well as Ayb Elementary School teachers Lilit Avetisyan and Hayarpi Saghatelyan, who told how to make online project-based learning much more interesting. They also spoke about the creation of developing games on platform.

The fifth webinar brought together Russian teachers Srbuhi Lulukyan and Arevik Hayrapetyan, Ayb Elementary School class leader Astghik Badiryan, natural sciences and physics teacher Astghik Kharatyan, who dwelled on using the following platforms:

The sixth webinar had a little bit different format. It was a summarizing event held jointly by the teachers and students, namely English language teacher Julieta Adamyan, Russian language teacher Svetlana Raskazovna, Ayb High School students Davit Baghdasaryan, Hayk Yesayan and Varuzhan Mkrtchyan. The participants presented , ,, online platforms. The students also touched upon some important issues like academic honesty during distance learning and observance of cybersecurity rules.

Ayb High School students, in their turn, presented five webinars to share their impressions on remote education with the students of other Armenian schools.

The first student webinar was held by Ayb High School students Ella Avagyan, Vahe Dabaghyan and Mary Ghulyan. They spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

The second webinar brought together Nane Yengibaryan, Ruzanna Karamyan and Hayk Khachatryan, who focused on out-of-school events, online learning tools and the efficiency of remote education.

During the third webinar, Arevik Melikyan, Aida Avetisyan and Karine Avalyan spoke about motivation and homework.

Thus, we are wrapping the first stage of our webinars on the threshold of graduation and admission examinations and summer holidays. However, Ayb School will continue organization of webinars in the course of the next academic year to share the knowledge and experience gained during the past months in order to contribute to the development of the Armenian education system. The second stage promises to be even more interesting and diverse.


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