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Ayb School is a new learning environment, where national ideas provide inspiration for the development of unique educational technologies and highest achievements of modern teaching are implemented to improve competitiveness of Armenian education.

The objective of Ayb School is to become a model of the 21st century Armenian educational institution with a mission to bring up generations of literate and honest young people, who are proud of their background and have a strong sense of responsibility. Ayb School serves as an ingenious laboratory, where the best teaching technologies, methods, experiences and educational models are born to spread through the whole country’s educational system, thus helping Armenian education grow globally competitive.

Ayb School (Ayb Learning Hub) is one of the most important and large-scale programs of the Ayb Foundation. It’s the first learning environment, where every element is education-oriented and contributes to the evolution of intelligent, ambitious and high-minded generations. It’s the place, where education, science, art, management and other aspects of social life are interwoven. We strive to draw a genuine link between contemporary trends and education, without restricting the learning process to mere exchange of knowledge.

The innovative architectural solutions of Ayb Learning Hub are the eventual result of collaboration between the Armenian architects and the leading specialists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. The project was implemented with due regard to the modern developments in school construction and international practices.

Ayb Learning Hub is a unique environment with the essential infrastructure: school, science and technology center, Fab Lab, church and community center, pre-school, sports facility, campus, green areas, etc., sitting on 6,95 hectares of land in Yerevan’s Arabkir administrative district, Tbilisi Highway 11/11. It’s designed for 800 students and comprises Elementary School (1st-4th grades), Middle School (5th- 9th grades) and High School (10th-12th grades).

Ayb School is the pillar of Ayb Learning Hub. School is not just a place to exchange knowledge and skills but an institution where life philosophy is taught. It’s one of the fundamentals for personal development and the point where national heritage and global achievements are combined to bring up descent civil citizens. Covering the area of 8,300m², Ayb Elementary, Middle and High Schools offer modern educational technologies, laboratories and comfortable rooms to make learning a pleasure. In the coming years, Ayb Learning Hub will keep developing and acquiring new components. The architectural design of the whole educational campus has been already developed by Storaket Studio.

The new Building C opened its doors in 2017. Fab Lab workshop laboratory, where students put theory into practice, opened at Ayb on the initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Construction of the Holy Translators Church and community center is underway. The next stage will mark the launch of new High School building project that will cover an area of 10,000m² and boast better educational, scientific and sports facilities. It will follow by construction of a new Elementary School (about 6,000 m²), while the buildings occupied by the two schools today will serve as Middle School in the future.

Simultaneously, science and technology center & museum project is being developed and negotiations with sponsors held. Ayb School was established in 2011 by the Ayb Educational Foundation with the assistance of hundreds of benefactors cherishing the idea of good education.

Ayb School has the status of foundation and its official name is Ayb Learning Hub Foundation. The School is governed by the Board of Trustees; it has no owners or shareholders.

Being the first social project in Armenia’s non-governmental sector, Ayb High School is an institution, where over 70% of students receive scholarships (tuition fee reimbursement) every year.


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