History and Mission

Ayb School was founded by the Ayb Educational Foundation established in 2006 by people who attribute their own achievements and success to the thorough education they received, and wish to create an excellent learning environment with consistent and meaningful investments.

Wishing to boost Armenia’s development and having numerous opportunities to efficiently use their time, efforts and financial resources, Ayb founders have chosen the most encouraging way to reform the country: to educate a new generation and invest in the future.

Ayb founders are:

  • Aram Pakhchanyan (Russia, Vice President of the ABBYY Group of Companies)
  • Arthur Berd (France/USA, financier)
  • Ashot Aslanyan (Armenia/Russia, Founder of Aeorsib Company)
  • David Pakhchanyan (Armenia/Russia, Executive Director of Aeorsib Company)
  • David Yang (Russia, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ABBYY Group of Companies)
  • Fr. Mesrop Aramian (Armenia, Chairman of Vem Radio)
  • Karo Sargsyan (Russia, businessman, Founder of Spetstorg Company)
  • Kharen Musaelian (USA, banker)

The Ayb community of benefactors, sponsors, donors and supporters is now rapidly expanding with numerous financiers, businessmen, IT representatives, bankers and people of other occupations from all over the world to form a network of individuals, who realize the decisive role of education for Armenia’s future.

Ayb School’s mission is to bring up generations of literate and honest young people, who are proud of their background and have a strong sense of responsibility.

Ayb School’s motto is Comprehend and Create.

Ayb School's philosophy is reflected in “Ima and Ara,” the school’s motto, which means “Comprehend and Create” in Classical Armenian (Grabar). These two principles are deeply interwoven, thus, there is no comprehension without action, nor is there action without acquisition of knowledge. The combination of these two principles is the “golden rule” of our educational philosophy.

The wisdom that reached us through ages is critical in the 21st century, when the education process should be a bundle of huge amount of knowledge and creative activities. Hence, we learn by acting and act by learning. If we want to be a society with a wealth of knowledge, high achievements and fundamental truths, there always should be harmony between comprehension and creation.

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