Community Service

Along with the Ayb School project elaboration, the social activity thread focused on the students’ personal advancement has been developing as well. Ayb School highlights not only the knowledge the students receive on site but also other values that reflect the eight principles of an Ayb student, which are: knowledgeable and creative, initiative-taking and balanced, vigilant and open, prudent and caring.

Social activity is the students’ unconditional and uncompensated type of activity that aims to bring up a caring, self-motivated and change bringing generations. It also helps the students establish new ties, gain experience, develop and make discoveries.

Albeit compulsory, the social activity at Ayb School is inspired by volunteer ideas. The least amount of social activity is 10-20 hours at the Middle School and 40 hours at the High School during the academic year. The students are offered a possibility to do social work either inside or outside the school as part of non-profit organizations.

Currently, 10 social activity groups are operating at Ayb. These are:

  • Mutual aid team
  • Cultural team
  • Media team
  • Hospitality team
  • Sports team
  • Emergency team
  • Eco team
  • Events team
  • Library team
  • Historiographic team

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