Financial Support

Ayb High School is the first social project in Armenia’s non-governmental sector, which adopted a flexible scholarship system to curtail the talented children’s dependence on the parents’ financial possibilities and to grant all youngsters an equal opportunity to get a good education.

Up to 4 students from the Armenian provinces and Artsakh who appear on the list of the best 25% of applicants admitted to Ayb High School with the highest results, irrespective of their family financial status, will be provided full tuition reimbursement and accommodation in Yerevan, if needed, for all three High School academic years in case they complete their 10th and 11th grades with at least 85 points.

The Ayb Educational Foundation raises funds through the donations of benefactors and organizations so that every student, who is admitted to Ayb, is not dropped out due to financial issues. Ayb High School is an institution, where over 75% of students receive scholarships (tuition fee reimbursement) every year.

Tuition Fee and Financial Support

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