Middle School Admission


There is no regular admission to 5th-9th grades.

In case of vacancies available in 5th-9th grades, the school administration announces supplementary admission that usually takes place at the end of each academic term.

If you are interested in supplementary admission, you can complete the application form available here and the school will contact you via email to give you detailed information about the procedures.

To apply for a vacancy in the 5th-9th grades, the following exams are to be taken during the period of the school’s midterm and final examinations:

1. Armenian language

2. Mathematics (algebra and geometry)

3. English language

4. Natural sciences (two of the three subjects: chemistry, biology and physics; optional) for the 8th-9th grades applicants only.

5. History of Armenia for the 9th grade applicants only.

In addition to the entrance exams, the applicants and their parents must pass an interview.

Depending on the results of examinations and interviews, the admission committee confirms the list of admitted applicants. The committee’s decision is final and can’t be disputed.

Ayb School launches Doors Open Days for students and their parents to provide information about the school and respond to all questions. The event includes campus tour and curriculum presentation. Participation in Doors Open Days is mandatory for the applicants’ parents. For those parents, who miss the event for some reason, another day is scheduled. The children of those parents, who submit an application but don’t appear for the Doors Open Days event, are not admitted to entry procedures.

The applicants and parents are provided information about the admission schedule and each exam subject via email.

In case of any divergence of interpretation, the Armenian text shall prevail.

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