Visual Arts course

The Araratian Baccalaureate curriculum at Ayb School now includes one more course titled Visual Arts, which aims to help the students develop their graphic design and art skills. In addition, it will contribute to the cultivation of good taste and love for the beautiful.

The Visual Arts course is meant for all those creative students who want to continue education in the area of culture and arts and possess some skills in paintings.

To take the course, the students should be able to

  • Collect & record visual data and reproduce it with painting technique;
  • Conduct research and analysis of relevant texts;
  • Carry out unassisted research to compare principles and approaches, as well as analyze various areas of the arts, genres and creations of some authors;
  • Work with fonts, compare texts and visual images.

A full three-year course, which entitles to a final exam, envisages 15 learning hours per week. The AB Visual Arts course can be either standard or advanced.

Standard course

The standard AB Visual Arts course graduation exam consists of two components:

1. Practical work – art portfolio created during the course

2. External task – a 15-hour examination that includes preparation work, data collection and research.

Advanced course

The advanced AB Visual Arts course graduation exam consists of the two above-mentioned components and an additional one:

3․ Individual research that is divided in

  • Practical work;
  • Analytical written work (1000-1500 words).

Upon completion of the course, the students get knowledge and skills in compliance with the international standards recognized by the leading educational institutions specializing in arts. The works created during the course will add to the documents necessary for submission to foreign universities.

The students, who successfully complete the course, will also get an AB certificate.


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