FAQ about Ayb School and Admission

The annual tuition fee for the grades 1-9 in AMD 3,750,000, for the grades 10-12 in AMD 3 330 000. Financial assistance is rendered to the High School students (grades 10-12) only. For the students in grades 1-9, a special schedule of fees is applied to the children from the same family.

Up to 4 students from the Armenian provinces and Artsakh, who appear on the list of the best 25% of applicants admitted to Ayb High School with the highest results, irrespective of their family financial status, will be provided full tuition reimbursement and accommodation in Yerevan, if needed, for all three High School academic years in case they complete their 10th and 11th grades with at least 85 points.

Yes, the student transportation service is available, however, its cost is not included in the tuition fee. The transportation service is AMD 180,000 for the general school (grades 1-9) and AMD 160,000 for the high school (grades 10-12). Possibly, some residential areas will not be included in the route to avoid a long and tiresome drive.

The school starts at 8:30am and lets out at 3:20pm. During this time, the students have 3 breaks. Afterwards, they can engage in extra-curricular activities that last till 4:20pm.

The Ayb School adopted a 100-point evaluation discipline. As well as giving marks, the teachers have to submit assessment reports with detailed information about the student’s progress. There are no gradebooks and academic diaries. Instead, each student’s progress is uploaded in a separate portfolio to Moodle system.

The extra-curricular activities depend on what subjects the students are most interested in. These could include German studies, science hobby groups, homework, etc.

The school doesn’t have limited focus areas. Instead, it provides all-round education, where all subjects are equally important. At the same time, the High School students (grades 10-12) have the right to draw their timetable by themselves, basing on their career interests. When choosing the subjects, they should nevertheless choose at least one subject from each subject group. Thus, if a student wants to become a doctor and focuses on natural sciences, he/she still should pick a subject from the arts subject group.

Each High School student has its own educational package that includes mandatory and optional subjects. Mandatory subjects have both standard and advanced levels.

The High School admission process kicks off in January with Doors Open Days, when the applicants can get acquainted with the school and admission procedure. Afterwards, they fill in the application form, take exams and are invited to an interview with the members of the admission commission. The results are usually summed up in May.

The Elementary School (grade 1) admission process also starts in January with Doors Open Days, when the applicants can get acquainted with the school and admission procedure. Afterwards, they fill in the application form and participate in the introductory lessons. The young applicants are interviewed in the form of a game by the school specialists, who decide whether the child is ready to attend school (not based on the child’s academic knowledge). The final stage of the admission process includes a meeting with the parents. The results are usually summed up in April-May.

The general school admission procedure launches if any vacant seat is available. The admission usually takes place at the end of an academic term after a relevant announcement is placed on the school’s website.

The admission to the Ayb High School is possible only in grade 10. The students in grades 11 and 12 already possess profound knowledge they gain while studying the subjects included in the Araratian Baccalaureate academic program.

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