Facts and Numbers

  • The initiative group establishes Ayb Educational Foundation and Ayb Club.
  • Ayb conducts a feasibility study in Armenian schools with the purpose to analyze the country’s education system.
  • Physics, chemistry and English subject groups are created to boost the development and promotion of teaching approaches and methods.
  • Architect Arsen Arustamyan creates the initial design of Ayb Learning Hub.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosts a Design Charrette between MIT specialists, Media Lab representatives and Ayb Foundation members, during which some conceptual proposals regarding the architectural solutions are made.
  • Extensive subject courses are launched for a second group of eleven students to implement one of the Ayb’s underlying concepts – cooperation between generations, i.e. engaging program alumni in the freshmen’s group lessons.
  • As part of the Ayb Learning Hub program, roundtable discussions with seven different status groups kick off and result in public support to the establishment of Ayb School and confidence in its successful activity.
  • During the year’s opening session, the Armenian government decides to allocate 6.5 hectares of land adjacent to Tbilisi Highway to Ayb Educational Foundation for the implementation of Ayb Learning Hub project.
  • The Ayb Foundation Board of Trustees approves Ayb High School curriculum, its implementation stages, principles and program structure.
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design's Department of Architecture picks Ayb Learning Hub as a research program that culminates in publication of Responsive Learning Environments academic paper two years later.
  • The start of fundraising events for the establishment of Ayb High School is announced in Moscow. Ad hoc presentation and discussion is organized with participation of over 60 Armenian-born influential entrepreneurs.
  • Construction of Ayb Learning Hub begins at the 6.5 hectares of land adjacent to Tbilisi Highway.
  • Admission to Ayb High School commences.
  • Ayb High School opens with the financial assistance of hundreds of benefactors united around the idea of Ayb Educational Foundation.
  • A contest for the architectural concept design of the Holy Translators church to be built at the territory of Ayb is announced with the launch of www.holytranslators.com website. Erik Ohanyan’s project is selected as the best out of 50 works.
  • The first Ayb generation graduates High School.
  • Ayb launches first summer program and summer camp for Diaspora children.
  • Ayb Elementary School opens its doors.
  • Dilijan Central School is established in cooperation with the Central Bank of Armenia.
  • The groundbreaking ceremony of the Holy Translators church takes place during the Feast of the Holy Translators at Ayb.
  • Yerevan’s Komitas Chamber Music House hosts the first concert of the Ayb School choir dedicated to the 145th birth anniversary of Komitas.
  • The second Ayb generation graduates High School.
  • Ayb Middle School opens its doors for 36 students.
  • Ayb School tops the list of the best Armenian small and large secondary schools in the national school rating system.
  • Ayb School team visits Berkaber village of Tavush province of Armenia as part of Aybapatum experience exchange project.
  • Ayb School choir leaves for France with a 3-day concert program.
  • The third Ayb generation graduates High School.
  • Ayb celebrates its 10th birthday. Events with participation of Ayb School students are held throughout Armenia.
  • As an educational institution with advanced study of German, Ayb School becomes a partner of Goethe-Institut in the framework of Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) initiative.
  • Ayb School becomes BMAT- BioMedical Admission Test center.
  • Araratian Baccalaureate is approved as a formal curriculum in Armenia.
  • The fourth Ayb generation graduates High School.
  • The Moscow International Open Innovations Forum names Aybplast project of Ayb School Student Green Chemistry Club the best in the Live Systems category.
  • Ayb School and World Wildlife Fund Armenia (WWF-Armenia) jointly hold Tracking the Leopard contest.
  • The fifth Ayb generation graduates High School.
  • Ayb School’s Building C opens its doors.
  • Aybplast project of Ayb School Student Green Chemistry Club is named the winner of Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnologies category in the final of 100 Ideas for Armenia Pan-Armenian Youth Contest.
  • Annual Ayb School New Year Charity Fair raises AMD 1․493․490 that is allocated for the purchase of personal lockers for Building C.
  • Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing declares Ayb School an international testing center.
  • Ayb School’s Engineering Club wins the third place at the U.S.-hosted 2018 National Robotics Challenge and also gets two special Innovation Awards from Honda, the main sponsor of the contest.
  • The sixth Ayb generation graduates High School.
  • Ayb School opens its doors on the threshold of the new academic year.
  • 472 students at the beginning of 2019-2020 academic year
  • Scholarship for 79% of Ayb High School students
  • 30 students accommodated at AGBU Vahe Karapetian center
  • Formation of new Board of Trustees
  • Ayb students announced Best IT Student Award laureates
  • Invention Patent for Green Chemistry Club’s bioplastics project
  • Ayb students win Republican Subject Olympiad
  • Ayb and Dilijan Central School win Build School Project architectural contest
  • 70 alumni in 2019-2020 academic year
  • Launch of distance education system
  • Aram Pakhchanian is announced Rybakov Prize 2020 laureate.
  • VR Lab team hits GenU competition top 5.
  • Russian teacher Kima Vaneskehyan reaches Download Knowledge competition finals.
  • Davit Sahakyan – Ayb School Executive Director
  • 479 students in 2020-2021 academic year
  • Tuition fee reimbursement for 86% of the students
  • Number of universities recognizing the Araratian Baccalaureate reached 96.
  • 10 project-based learning clubs implemented 10 projects.
  • 49 students graduated from Ayb High School.
  • 478 students in the 2021-2022 academic year
  • 54 high school graduates
  • 27 primary school graduates
  • Tuition fee reimbursement for 76% of high school students
  • Free-of-charge accommodation at AGBU Vahe Karapetian Center for 23 students from provinces
  • 34 diplomas as a result of participation in 2021-22 national subject Olympiads
  • Formation of a new Board of Trustees of Ayb School
  • Ayb School team - among the top ten at The Earth Prize environmental competition
  • Engineering PBL Club’s Ad Astra project – the winner Kemurdzhian Youth Space Challenge
  • Filmmaking PBL Club’s “Artsakh. Three-Voice Struggle” film series – the winner of the Audience Award at the 17th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth
  • Ilya Lalazaryan’s (grade 12) RenéMask project - among the top three of the Diamond Challenge 2022 competition
  • Ayb School graduate Sargis Simonyan - the winner of the Teen Art Awards
  • Mary Barseghyan (grade 12) - the winner of the Global Atomic Quiz educational competition
  • Emma Hovsepyan (grade 11) - the winner of the Youth Literary Competition for the best review
  • Margarita Ter-Grigoryan (grade 4) – the best reader of the National Children’s Library
  • Tadeh Muradyan (grade 4) – the best at Kangaroo International Math Contest
  • Lily Tovmasyan (grade 10) – the winner of the Armenian Powerlifting Championship
  • Physical training teacher Karen Hovhannisyan – Europe’s powerlifting champion
  • Director of Academic Affairs Mary Hovsepyan and Head of Community Anna Akopyan - UCL graduates
  • Primary school director Sylvia Yacoubian – holder of Management & Leadership Courses diploma from Harvard University
  • Executive Director Davit Sahakyan – graduate of Moscow School of Professional Philanthropy course on Management of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Teacher training in Armenia, Germany, Israel, and Russia
  • For the development of education in Armenia:
    • Participation in the governmental investment program in Tavush province;
    • Training and mentorship for Tavush province teachers;
    • Professional development program for directors and deputy directors of provincial schools
  • 120 teachers – participants of the 5th Ayb Teacher Conference, of them 17 teachers as seminar hosts

  • The academic year was declared the year of Artsakh, students implemented dozens of projects and events dedicated to Artsakh.
  • We hosted 5 MIT students for a month through the Global Teaching Labs program at Ayb School.
  • In the 2022-2023 school year, Ayb School had 503 students.
  • The AGBU "Vahe Karapetyan" center provided free accommodation to 27 students from 8 different regions.
  • Ayb School students received 29 diplomas in the regional and republican stages of the subject Olympiad.
  • We formed 11 project study clubs, and successfully implemented 14 projects.
  • A device designed by the engineering club was sent into space from India.
  • The students of the "Green Chemistry" club received a special prize at the Regeneron (ISEF) international festival. They won the Armenian All-School Science Festival and earned the opportunity to represent Armenia in Texas.
  • Saten Muradyan and Victoria Avanyan participated in the finals of the HIPPO English Language Olympiad, and Armine Keshishyan achieved the 1st position in her age group. Saten returned to Italy in the second half of the year, and this time in Venice, he secured the 4th place in the "Hippo" competition.
  • Narek Kassar was the gold medalist at the "Sopravista" music festival in Italy.
  • In the cross-country competitions of QSI, Ayb School became the cup winner, and in the athletics competition, the students won medals.

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