Payment System

The annual tuition fee for the grades 1-9 in AMD 3,750,000, for the grades 10-12 in AMD 3 330 000.

Ayb School is a nonprofit foundation (official name: Ayb Learning Hub) that was established through the financial support of its donors. The whole of tuition fees is spent to ensure the best education for the students. Special payment system has been developed for two and more students from the same family, as well as for children of Ayb employees. Financial assistance (scholarship) program is applied at Ayb High School.

The student’s financial status doesn’t appear as an advantage or obstacle for admission. The same way, low or high achievements of the student don’t affect the tuition fee amount.

Tuition fees are spent to partially satisfy the school needs.

The tuition fee includes:

· The core educational process

· Advanced lessons

· Optional courses

· Additional lessons

· Olympic project groups

· Meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks)

· Visits related to the curriculum, on-site trainings

Ayb High School is the first non-governmental social project of the Ayb Educational Foundation, which developed and brought to life the scholarship system that enables all students irrespective of their financial status to study at Ayb. The admission takes place ONLY according to the examinations and interview results.

Following the admission, the student’s parent/trustee can request the Ayb Educational Foundation’s financial support committee for scholarship (full or partial reimbursement of the tuition fee). The committee decision isn’t dependable on the points the student got for the exams or the would-be progress. It’s taken with due consideration of the family finances.

Today, over 85% of Ayb students get scholarship. Read more.

Attention: Low or high achievements of the student don’t affect the tuition fee amount.

Attention: the program is not applied to Ayb Elementary and Middle Schools.

After the student is admitted to Ayb School, a parent/trustee applies to the financial support committee with a report on the family’s financial standing and a number of relevant documents on the family’s real income, expenses, information about property, as well as the other data that can help the committee properly assess the family’s financial status.

The decision is based on the following:

· The parents’/trustees’ ability to meet payments. Parents are viewed as the most probable sponsors and first of all their financial status is assessed. Let’s mark it as X.

· Possibility of getting financial assistance from immediate family or friends.

If, according to the documents submitted to the committee, the family can get financial support from kinfolk or friends, it will be taken into consideration. For example, if the application says the aunt covers the expenses for the children’s summer holidays, it’s assumed that the aunt can share the expenses for the children’s education as well. Or, if the documents say that the house estimated at USD 200,000 was bought for the family by the grandparents, it’s assumed that the grandparents are capable to cover the children’s tuition fee.

Let’s mark the possible assistance from relatives and friends as Y. After calculating the X+Y amount, the committee decides on the Z sum that will be transferred to Ayb School to cover the required part of the tuition fee for the student. The Z sum can start at AMD 10,000 up to the whole fee reimbursement.

Attention: If the information provided in the application prove to be false or incomplete at any time, the student, who has been granted scholarship for studying at Ayb High School, will immediately dismissed without exception. The education agreement will be terminated and a fine amounting to the maximum school tuition fee imposed on the person, who signed the such agreement. To ensure the transparence of the financial support committee’s activity, the names of all students, who are granted scholarship, are being published on the school website.

To ensure the transparence of the financial support committee’s activity, the names of all students, who are granted scholarship, are being published on the school website.

Attention: The financial support committee’s decisions are valid for one academic year only and the whole procedure is being executed for every consecutive year.

Ayb School was established and sponsored by the benefactors living in different corners of the world. More than 200 individuals from Armenia and abroad have united around the idea of improving the Armenian educational system and made investments in the construction and development of the school, also inaugurating the scholarship program.

Ayb School's Scholarship Fund is generated through the joint efforts of the Ayb Educational Foundation as well as individual and corporate sponsors with the purpose to grant scholarship to Ayb students. During the period from 2011 to 2019, Ayb High School's Scholarship Fund received AMD 1․120․141․374 raised by the Ayd Educational Foundation.


The 9th grade students, who are finishing the secondary school, and 8th grade students of the schools with 11 academic years, who decide to change the school for the first time, can apply for admission to Ayb High School in case they possess the secondary school certificate.

There is also a special admission procedure for the foreign citizens.

All children over the age of 6 can be admitted to Ayb Elementary School.

The applicants are admitted to Ayb School after introductory lessons and awareness talks with the parents, based on the decision of the admissions office. The details of the admission procedure are here.

Attention: only supplemental admission to Middle School is possible for the 2018-2019 academic year.

In case of vacant Elementary and Middle school places during an academic year, supplemental admission is initiated.

You can read about the supplemental admission to Ayb Elementary School here.

You can read about the supplemental admission to Ayb Middle School here.

Attention: there is no supplemental admission to Ayb High School.

To apply to Ayb School, several simple steps are to be taken։

Step 1 To register and participate in Doors Open Days.

Step 2 To attend free introductory classes that can help prepare for the examinations.

Step 3. The student’s command of English should not be lower than level A2. It is not mandatory for participation in admission exams; however, the applicant should secure English level A2 till July to be able to study at Ayb School.

Step 4․ To submit the admission application that is available for download at Ayb School website.

Education System

Ayb School provides training according to the Araratian Baccalaureate (AB), a program developed by the Ayb Educational Foundation. The AB is an internationally competitive Armenian-language curriculum designed for modern state and private educational institutions.

The Araratian Baccalaureate has four important elements:

· Comprehensive education

· Advanced learning

· Values and upbringing

· Skills and abilities

Each student of Ayb School has an individual educational program that includes mandatory and optional subjects.

Ayb High School offers 42 subjects in 8 subject groups + 8 project-based subjects.

The AB subject groups are:

· Armenian studies

· World language

· Mathematics

· Natural sciences

· Foreign languages

· Social studies

· Arts

· Physical training

Ayb School students’ progress is estimated through feedback, with a 100-point evaluation system enabled. There are no record books or teachers’ grade books. Moodle e-system is used instead.

Ayb School teachers use various educational resources to organize the learning process. They collect, develop, translate and adapt piles of materials for each subject, creating thematic files, e-sources, students' books and papers, presentations, practice books, examination materials and tests that are applied to ensure proper educational environment.

The adaption of educational resources is an uninterrupted creative process that engages the whole teaching staff of the school.

The lessons at Ayb School are taught in Armenian, with reading, speaking, writing and thinking skills in mother tongue being an absolute priority. The school promotes the Armenian language and literature; however, excellent knowledge of other languages such as English and Russian is also essential to read books and communicate with foreign specialists.

A special educational program has been developed for those Ayb Elementary and Middle School students who don’t know Armenian well enough.

About the School

Ayb School is a nonprofit organization and operates as a foundation (registered as Ayb Learning Hub Foundation). It is a civic structure and foundation administrated by the Board of Trustees. Ayb School doesn’t have owners or shareholders.

Ayb School students can avail of two-way transportation every day. There are a number of stops in Yerevan from where buses get off in the morning and bring the children back from school.

Ayb School students get three-time meals daily: breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. The menu is designed in accordance with healthy eating standards.

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