Ayb students living in AGBU Vahe Karapetian Center welcome teachers

Ayb School’s boarding students know that one of the most awaited days of the academic year is the hosting of teachers and employees at AGBU Vahe Karapetian Center. Having become a good tradition, this event provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to interact with students outside the classroom and learn about their daily lives and lifestyles.

The evening started with dinner, where guests and students dined together while chatting and discussing various topics. After dinner, there was a tour throughout the Center, including residents' rooms. Each student has their own room, the door of which opens to their teachers only on this day of the year. During the tour, the children also told various funny stories that happened to them during their years of living in the Center. Ultimately, we dropped into the coordinators' room, where people are always ready to help and support. Then, we gathered in the first-floor assembly hall to discuss the Center’s value system with David Sahakyan as the keynote speaker. After the talk, the children living in the Center surprised the visitors by screening a video to share happy moments of their lives. The video was accompanied by a song that will hence become the Center's anthem.

The evening continued with a teamwork game: three teams were trying to guess the song or movie based on the pictures shown. In such a warm environment, we could enjoy each other's presence and share our knowledge. The next stop was at the Center’s reception, where a treat had already been prepared. We gathered at a table of sweets for a funny game. Each of us wrote two true and one false facts about ourselves on a piece of paper, and the rest had to guess who it was about. During the game, the participants learned a lot about the teaching staff and students, strengthening our bond even more.

Well, a national dance was missing at the end of such a great evening. We danced together and ended the event with Shavali. For some teachers and employees, this was their first visit to the Vahe Karapetian Center, while others can be considered permanent guests. The students welcomed them enthusiastically and tried to make them part of their daily life, which is always filled with different stories. Your life is eventful when you live with your friends, and every day brings an opportunity for new adventures.

Thus, the meeting at the Vahe Karapetian Center ended, but this is not the end of the story. The event will be ongoing, so we expect to see teachers at the Center regularly, as an important part of Ayb School life.

Syuzanna Karapetyan, grade 12


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