Tree planting on Ayb School territory

The territory of Ayb School got new trees; platans, maples, sophoras, and Judas trees were planted. Christina Vardanyan, member of the Yerevan City Council, PhD in medical sciences guided the school’s tree-planting process acting as a consultant.

In October, Ayb School parents Eduard Hayrumyan and Arman Hovhannisyan initiated a community clean-up. The event involving the school students was organized to clean the 800-meter section of the road from Tbilisi Highway up to Ayb School, as well as the surrounding area. Vardanyan contributed to the event with her professional recommendations. Following the cleanup, an agreement was reached with her to organize proper tree planting in the school’s territory.

In her interviews, Vardanyan numerously stated that the creation of green spaces has a significant impact on the health and psychological and emotional condition of children.

“The healthy, victorious, and beautiful generation we dream about should live in an environment worthy of the 21st century. Since we intentionally return to life what we unconsciously get and see around us, the more humane and deserving the environment is, the more people will, willing or not, feel and behave like worthy citizens of the 21st century,” she said in an interview.

Scientists believe children are less susceptible to diseases and tension and demonstrate higher self-esteem in greener spaces. The green landscape is particularly important in a school area, and it has great significance and impact on the efficiency of the learning process.


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