Taking a fresh look at talented Ayb students

Ayb School has recently hosted its Talent Show annual concert, one of the favorite and most anticipated community events that strives to uncover the school’s "hidden" talents and provide entertainment for everyone in attendance. The Hayastan hall was packed to capacity. The jury formed to judge the entertaining and, at the same time, competitive event included members of the Ayb community and a guest from the Aregnazan educational complex, who awarded participants certificates of honor in different categories.

The school’s teachers, students, and administrative staff amused the audience with their talents by playing various musical instruments and performing the works of Aram Khachaturian, Komitas, and other Armenian greats. They also showcased high-quality artworks.

Teacher Lusine Paronyan enthralled the students with her musical performance while 12th-graders Anna Petrosyan and Yulya Martirosyan sketched a caricature of a jury member in only five minutes.

Comprised of different Ayb generations, The Battle of Evermore band received particular praise and an award in the Best Team Collaboration category. A group of alumni performed several musical works.

The event ended with the awarding of certificates and letters of gratitude, the recipients of which were determined after long and complex jury deliberations.

This Talent Show provided yet another chance to bring the whole community together, discover their talents, and enjoy a memorable and happy day.

Mariam Baghdasaryan, 10th grade

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