AybPRO project ideas

11 clubs will be operating in the framework of Project-Based Learning initiative at Ayb School during the 2019/2020 academic year. Click on the following links to see details.

Engineering Club

Mentor: Vazgen Gabrielyan

Project name: AVC Combat

Project Description: Club members are going to design and assemble four robots. Two of them will be self-driving cars capable of avoiding obstacles and reaching the destination point and the other two will be combat robots programmed to deactivate the rival robot without damaging it.

Expected result: the robots assembled by the students will be presented at National Robotics Challenge contest that will take place in the United States in April.

Budget: $2000 / robots/ + Trip to U.S.

Art Studio

Mentor: Marie Adamyan

Project name: The city and its sculptures

Project Description: The club will work to attract public attention to little known sculptures and their authors. This project is supposed to help people discover the heritage that passed into silence.

Expected result: to make Armenian culture (both classic and modern) more recognizable and represent sculpture as an inseparable part of urban environment, as well as to make an application, where each sculpture will have a QR code containing information about it.

Budget: AMD 1,080,000

Programming Club

Mentors: Vladimir Khoyetsyan, Nver Abgaryan

Project name: Bolola

Project Description: The club members will create a SaaS-like platform that is meant to make urban transport services more convenient and accessible. The system will be primarily used by public transport managing agency and will be available as a mobile app and white-label website. Additional monetization can be possible via providing APIs (possible integration in other applications), GPS tracking (showing the vehicle in real time), etc.

Expected result: deployed system and marketing strategy.

Budget: AMD 0

Crowdfunding Club

Mentor: Tatevik Fljyan

Project Description: The club members will seek AMD 2 million for the publication of Visual Poetry book compiled last year by the participants of Art Studio. There are some modern Armenian poets, whose books have not yet been duly appreciated. Publication and distribution of Visual Poetry book will help make them known.

Expected result: collection of AMD 2 million for the publication and sale of 500 copies of the book.

Budget: AMD 270,000

TechnoDrive Club

Mentor: Alexander Melikyan

Project name: AyBus

Project Description: The club members will create a program that will determine the location and follow the movement of Ayb School bus. The application will also show traffic jams and provide two-way communication to ensure smooth movement even at peak hours. In addition, check-in option will be available.

Expected result: to create an application that will make transportation by Ayb School buses easy and comfortable. If proved successful, the app can be also used by other companies engaged in passenger carriage.

Budget: AMD 90,000


Mentor: Vahagn Papayan

Project name: 80 accords around the world

Project Description: The aim of the project is to show the role of harmony in music, its various types and the influence on rock music in different cultures. The project will include concerts and video lessons as well.

Expected result: to create a concert program that can be presented both at Ayb School and beyond its walls.

Budget: AMD 300,000

F8/Photography Club

Mentor: Areg Balayan

Project name: Me and my waste

Project Description: The project aims to counter the beautiful to the ugly, attract public attention to the problem of pollution in Armenia, contribute to clean-up activities, develop alternative waste management and processing solutions, as well as acquire transparent box-tables filled with trash.

Expected result: to take photos with posing models and art workers, shoot a video to compare the aesthetic and repelling.

Budget: AMD 855,000


Mentor: Erik Antaranyan

Project 1 name: Ashna / Color

Project Description: It will be a film about a girl, who has to overcome numerous obstacles on the way to her dream. She meets rivals and supporters, feels hope and disappointment before a film director offers her to star in a movie. The aim of the project is to prove that it’s possible to shoot a film even if your smartphone is the only tool you have.

Expected result: to shoot a film that can be screened at festivals.

Budget: AMD 1,500,000

Project 2 name: Social video

Project Description: The club members will shoot videos addressing social matters. They will try to uncover social problems, tell about their negative influence and find possible solutions.

Expected result: to change public attitude to social issues and underscore the value of human life.

Budget: AMD 350,000

Project 3 name: Ayb News

Project Description: The club members will cover the important and interesting events taking place at Ayb School and in Armenia in general. Ayb News will go on air once a week. The news block will last for 10 or 15 minutes.

Budget: AMD 150,000


Mentor: Tigran Aghabekyan

Project name: DNA Data Storage

Project Description: Molecular storage of information is an attractive alternative for a growing data amount. Since DNA data storage appears as an ultra-compact, lasting and secure way to maintain information, the aim of the project is to research the data storage methods, specifically the molecular one, acquire knowledge in genetics and evolution and learn R language (a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics). The club members will explore the experience of the companies dealing with Digital DNA Data Storage and try to establish contact with them in order to learn more about this technology. Along with calculating how much time and money is needed, the students are supposed to launch discussions with various firms, which could be interested in DNA data storage.

Expected result: to implement DNA data storage in Armenia.

Budget: AMD 250,000

Film Factory/ Filmmaking Club

Mentors: Arusyak Zakharyan, Narek Ashughatoyan

Project Description: The objective of the Filmmaking Club is to reveal Armenian cultural heritage and visualize it. Through films and interviews, the project will educate school students about Armenian culture and art, customs and traditions.

Expected result: to shoot films about silverware production in Van-Vaspurakan, Upper Armenia (Bardzr Hayk) national costumes, Urartian iconography and rituals. It’s also supposed to launch an exhibition dedicated to Armenian doors, carving and carpet weaving.

Budget: AMD 850,000

Green Chemistry

Mentor: Lilit Hambardzumyan

Project name: Bioplastic

Project Description: As a logical continuation of the last year’s activities, when the club members conducted a thorough research to finally produce biodegradable plastic bags out of starch instead of oil-based materials, this year’s project will focus on designing innovative equipment for the production of bioplastic.

Expected result: to design equipment for the production of biodegradable plastic in laboratory setting.

Budget: AMD 195,000

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