Presentation of Ayb PBL Mobi Studio club

The members of Ayb School’s Project-Based Learning (PBL) Mobi Studio club presented the work done and the results achieved. Because of the lockdown, the presentation was held online on the Microsoft Teams platform this year, bringing together the students, teachers, employees of Ayb School, executive director Aram Pakhchanyan, PBL manager Araksya Martirosyan.

We presented the work we accomplished during the academic year. In the course of the first 3 months, we had meeting-lessons with relevant specialists. The first meeting was with Talar Manougian, the founder of The Melkonyan Sisters channel. Ms. Talar told us about the basic tools we need for making a vlog, audio equipment, and the different types of tripods.

The next meeting was with producer, cinematographer Hovhannes Hakobyan, the representative of the НТВ TV in Armenia. After Mr. Hakobyan’s lesson, we gained knowledge about the basics of filmmaking and learned how to make storyboard for film or videos. During lockdown we participated in online lessons about making videos from home with smartphone. The lessons where organized by EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and several famous TV persons.

At the end of the presentation, we screened our videos about the comparison between online and traditional lessons, the change of our daily routine after coronavirus, and for the first time, we showed the video entitled “Eternal Cage”, which is about animals living in zoos.

Another result of our club should have been the film based on Elfik Zohrabians play “Love or Coinche?” Although the whole preparation work has been done but because of the emergency we delayed the shootings until the end of the pandemic.

Erik Antaranyan, the head of Mobi Studio, expressed hope that we will manage to participate in the OVC (only valuable content) project, the aim of which is to clean online platforms from junk.

Vahe Dabaghyan


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