Online meeting with LLC International University representative

A representative of the LLC International University in Lithuania, who also helps school graduates with career orientation, took to the Zoom platform for a meeting with the Ayb High School. For the Armenian graduates, receiving higher education in Europe is more expedient than applying to the universities in the U.S. and Canada. That’s why the LLC International University is a wonderful opportunity to get an American quality education in Europe.

Located in the heart of Europe, the LLC International University has students from more than 50 countries. We had an opportunity to get the essential information regarding the admission process, examinations, tuition fee, scholarship and accommodation.

The bachelor programs available at the LLC International University include:

  • BA International Business Administration)
  • BA Contemporary Communication,
  • BA English Language & Literature,
  • BA International Relations and Development,
  • BA Psychology,
  • BA Theology.

The University also holds Doors Open Days and exchange programs that help the students be more informed.

The meeting was very helpful for the Ayb High School students and allowed them to add the LLC International University in the list of higher educational institutions. In my opinion, the advantages of the University include extra-curricular activities and possibility to improve communications skills.

Anna Mkhitaryan, 10th grade


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