Ayb School students’ artworks exhibited in Artsakh

People of Artsakh have a chance to enjoy the paintings of Ayb School students these days.

On October 11, an exhibition was opened in the Art Center of Shushi at the initiative of Ayb Club’s member Karo Sargsyan. The “21-20 = 1 Century’s Art” exhibition includes artworks created in different styles of the 20th and 21st centuries such as supremacism, symbolism, cubism, surrealism and pop art.

Students visited Shushi Art Center and had a master class with the center’s children. The lesson was followed by the preparation of the exhibition The opening of the exhibition took place on October 11, which was attended by Ayb Club’s members, the director of Shushi Art Center, teachers, students and others. During the exhibition, the visitors also enjoyed the short animation film “A Piece of Yerevantsi” created by Ayb School students.

The exhibition attracted foreign visitors too, who left notes about their impressions in the guestbook: "Talent, energy, art and wonderful artists. Grateful for the excellent exhibition. I am very impressed and inspired by your work and your friendliness."

Then Ayb School's young painters had a dinner with Ayb Club members and ended the day in a friendly atmosphere. The students returned Yerevan, full of warm impressions.

The exhibition will run until November 1.


Zhanna Hayrapetyan

11th grade

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