Ayb hosts traditional New Year Charity Fair

Ayb School has hosted one of its most fabulous events - the New Year Charity Exhibition & Fair. Organized by the Ayb alumni club, the charity fair brought together the entire Ayb community: students and parents, teachers and benefactors, friends of the school, and art lovers.

The school was filled with fairytale vibes and fantastic mood. The most mouthwatering candies, pastries, and various handmade items glistened at every exhibition counter. The science and children's sections featured colorful paintings that the young visitors’ shining eyes curiously examined.

The Armenia Hall welcomed the event participants with a movie while mulled wine was served in the food section. The tables abounded with traditional Ayb hotdogs, and New Year's music and national dances were performed in the schoolyard.

This year, the participants of the charity fair gathered for a common goal: the construction of a military and sports training area. We are happy that, thanks to the fair, Ayb is now … AMD closer to achieving the goal. We are grateful to all the participants of the New Year Charity Exhibition & Fair.

Angela Matevosyan, grade 12


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