Artificial intelligence and our future: meeting with Artavazd Minasyan

It can write long novels, generate codes and talk to us as the best friend. It can play intellectual word games, give advice and provide information regarding any topic you can imagine. It’s called Chat GPT, a chatbot created by Open AI.

The meeting with Artavazd Minasyan, a member of Ayb School’s Board of Trustees, and co-founder of Krisp and 10web startups, focused on this modern tool, the prospects of artificial intelligence, and the changing world.

Chat GPT became available for users last November, and many fear that such a bot threatens the education system. However, education is not the only field that suffers from the spreading of the neural net in everyday life. According to Mr. Minasyan, about 30% of the earth’s population is at risk of becoming unemployed by 2030 because many professions will be removed from the labor market because neural nets will substitute human potential.

Artificial intelligence, especially Chat GPT, raised many important questions regarding ethics and the future of humanity, prompting heated discussions. On the one hand, technological progress cannot be stopped. On the other hand, the function of humankind and spiritual and philosophical values require a new interpretation.

The world is changing rapidly. Who knows what kind of discoveries and products will be created based on this chatbot several months later?

Gyulnara Sargsyan

Grade 11


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