Ayb Games 2023

Strength lies in unity! Please mark your calendar for October 15 when we come together at the school to celebrate the 9th Ayb Games. Given our nation and country's challenging times, we have decided to infuse these Ayb Games with a thrilling military and sports theme.

Joining forces with the Ayb Community, we are committed to creating something special – a military and sports training area right within the Ayb School grounds. Check the details of the project here. All proceeds from the Charity Food Fair will be allocated for the purpose.

Whether you are gearing up for competitive action or just looking to soak in the lively atmosphere, we would love to welcome you. To secure your spot, please click this link to register.

The Ayb Games are not just about competition. These Games provide a chance to enjoy friendly matches, create unforgettable memories, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. We suggest dressing comfortably and having some cash handy for the ultimate experience.

Agenda of events


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