Aybapatum 2022 Direction: Zaritap community

This time, within the framework of Aybapatum, the students of Ayb High School headed for Zaritap community to get acquainted with the rural environment, to share their knowledge with their local peers, and to learn from them. The visit started by arriving at A. Melikyan Secondary School in Zaritap, where the whole school staff greeted us with warmth and great enthusiasm. The visit was educational and cognitive, and the lessons were full of experimental materials, modern e-learning resources, and good mood.

The students of the village started telling us about their school with great enthusiasm, took a tour of the school, introducing every corner of it to us. The school was quite large, the students, without sparing any effort, beautified their school day by day, decorating it with their handicrafts.

Then, Lili Tovmasyan and Anushik Melkonyan conducted a chemistry course full of experiments with 8th-grade students. The students were fully involved in the lesson, paying close attention to each experiment, they also performed experiments, getting to know the world of chemistry even more closely.

As soon as the lessons were over, the students offered us a tour of the village, to which we gladly agreed. They introduced us to the traditions of the village, showed us every corner of their village, presented the history of their village. It is noteworthy that all the inhabitants of Zaritap keep peacocks, which surprised and excited us. We saw the village greenhouse, visited St. Varvara chapel.

After getting acquainted with the village, we visited host families, where we were welcomed with warmth and sincere love. We were all very impressed by the warm attitude and care of the locals. The people of Zaritap hosted us overnight in their homes.

In the evening, the 10th-grade students of Zaritap Secondary School performed the "Way of Love" literary and musical event in the school hall.

The evening ended with a national dance master class.

The next day we continued to hold lessons that included group work, debates, and games. 10th-grade students Emilya Arustamyan and Lusine Khachatryan taught Physics, Iren Arakelyan and Ani Mehrabyan taught Business, 12th-grade students Milena Mkrtchyan and Aram Barseghyan taught World History, Nelli Ohanjanyan and Ruzanna Karamyan taught English. The schoolchildren of Zaritap, following the pictorial presentation of the material and the theoretical experiments, strengthened their knowledge.

The memorable journey ended with national dances and entertainment. Both the students of Ayb and the students of Zaritap village gained a lot of experience and knowledge, had an unforgettable time, made loyal friends.

Lili Tovmasyan and Anushik Melqonyan, 10th grade


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