Education is the 21st century engine: AUA President Karin Markides meets Ayb students

Ayb School hosted a meeting with the President of the American University of Armenia, Karin Markides, who talked about the present and future of education, challenges, reforms and the importance of reaching goals. Here are some extracts from the conversation that took place between the AUA President and Ayb students.


Responding to challenges is one of the most important conditions to change something in the world and the best way to achieve a glorious result is to provide good education and bring up a competitive young generation, who will be ready to resolve the global issues the humanity and environment face.

Education in Armenia and its importance for the country

I don’t know Armenian, but feel like Armenian. I am half Swedish and half Georgian, who has been working at the American University of Armenia since September. Working here and cooperating with Armenians is quite interesting. This process gives birth to various creative ideas that will certainly produce result in the near future. The quality of education in Armenia is high enough compared to some other countries. However, studying abroad and gaining experience can be extremely useful for the young people. My advice to you is never stop thinking and developing your skills. I am happy to see that common ideas, friendly environment and mutual assistance are the basis of Ayb School educational strategy.

Learn from the others and develop

Education and knowledge are not locked within the walls of one building. It’s a process that continues as long as you live. It requires keen interest and openness for new ideas and discoveries. Getting beyond the boundaries and sharing your experience with other people will help us expand our minds and be ready to solve any problem in any corner of the world. Through learning from the others and teaching the others, we become better professionals.

University education and its necessity

Dear students, please take a close look at the education the university can provide to understand whether the profession you are going to choose reflects your interests. Consider the education local and international universities can offer and then make your decision. Choosing the right occupation is the first step to change the world for the better.

Aida Avetisyan, 10th grade


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