Ayb students participate in natural science festival

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. This famous Nelson Mandela’s quote has become the motto of a natural science festival organized in Levon Mirijanyan N155 school. The initiative united a number of Yerevan schools, including Ayb School students, who used the event to share their knowledge and represent the projects they have already implemented.

The event consisted of two stages: the display of posters and experiments and the delivery of scientific reports. During the first stage, some of the participants presented the results of their research, some performed interesting experiments while some presented new devices or offered to solve puzzles.

Ayb School joined the initiative with several projects: 12th-graders demonstrated that some topics that seem difficult from first sight (e.g. polarization) are easy to understand with the help of experiments and comparisons. 10th-graders told about the recently discovered Oganesson chemical element, while middle school students showed how to make an apple mummy.

It may seem that one should have years of scientific experience to prepare scientific reports. However, during the second stage of the festival, the participants proved that it’s an erroneous opinion. The members of the scientific council, mostly professors and doctors of science, noted with satisfaction that although still school students, the participants were not afraid to make research and try to find the correct answers. The reports covered a range of topics from the harmful influence of smoking to cloning.

Did you know that it’s possible to feel the smells with the help of artificial intelligence? Have you ever heard about the dangers of polar light? The curious festival participants provided answers to these questions and many others.

Ayb School 5th-grade students were the youngest participants of the event. They told that playing music for plants really does promote faster, healthier growth. 12th-graders Ilya Lalazaryan and Nane Yengibaryan presented ReneMask project that aims to give a second life to the used facial protection items and transform them into fuel.

The main purpose of the festival was to increase students’ interest in natural sciences. During the closing ceremony, the members of the scientific council emphasized the importance of organizing events of this kind, because the participants will be the people to build the future of our country and the world.

Mary Ghulyan, 12th grade.


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