Arvestanots Club implements Art Class educational program

Ayb School Project Based Learning Arvestanots Club under the guidance of Mary Adamyan started its fifth in a row project titled Art Class. In the framework of the project, the club members try to offer their own solutions and break the stereotypes that cramp the students’ desire to create.

At the beginning of the academic year, the club members undertook the task to design an educational art program. They brainstormed and developed games, shot videos, collected and handled loads of materials and added them to the events that will help secondary school students discover the world of arts while visiting various cultural centers and museums in Yerevan and the provinces in Armenia. This project will allow Arvestanots Club members to study different art pieces and try to present them in an interesting and ‘colorful’ way.

Currently, Arvestanots Club continues to develop and improve the contents and format of the project. It’s noteworthy that it’s a long-term project that aims to make the magic of arts available for everyone and bridge the skills gap.

Lana Melikyan, grade 12

Arvestanots Club


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