Ayb students act as teachers for Diaspora children

Teni Time is a program of virtual classes that teach Armenian culture in a fun and interactive way, engaging students through dance, music, play and virtual travel.

As part of the program 12th grade student Sargis Simonyan, 11th grade student Hasmik Harutyunyan and 10th grade students Anna Mkhkitaryan, David Ustabashyan and Nina Prazyan acted as teachers to tell the children from Armenian Diaspora about the Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus. The lessons included game and songs meant to help the children digest the information. Ayb School students also told about the Easter traditions in Armenia and the dishes the Armenian people cook to celebrate it.

It was a pleasure to communicate with the children of the Armenian Diaspora, share knowledge with them and help them learn more about their Armenian heritage.

Anna Mkhitaryan, 10th grade


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