Different dance cultures under the same roof. “Argentinian tango week” and Ayb school

“Argentinian tango week” is held for the second time in a raw in Armenia within the framework of cooperation of the Embassy of Argentina in Armenia, Converse Bank and Karas Wines

Ayb school took part in the event, too, when Argentinian dancers Jorge Mendoza and Anabel Maldania Martinez visited Ayb on September 18. Ayb students and staff welcomed the guests with several Armenian national dances. The dance couple liked Armenian national dances very much and talked about them with huge excitement by mentioning that they were happy to see such children who are gathered around one idea.

After that the guest performed passionate Argentinian tangos which was followed by a master class of Argentinian tango for Ayb School students and stuff.

 “Argentinian tango week” finalized at Ayb. The guests returned Argentina with a hope that they would meet the students again next year.


Sergey Badalyan

12th grade


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