Ayb students’ social projects summarized

During the 2019/2020 academic year, Ayb School students implemented a number of social projects that ensured mutually beneficial cooperation with the rural community schools, as well as special purpose institutions and organizations.

As part of one project, during online meetings held with the students of Zaritap community school, Ayb students presented the functionality of Zoom platform, showed the correct way to fill in various application forms, told about the basics of photography and famous photographers, unveiled interesting facts about the nature, solved some logical tasks, spoke about evolution, eclipses, galactics and technologies. Zaritap school students, in turn, told the history of their community and revealed some curious facts about it.

The second important social project targeted acoustically challenged children. The project was initially supposed to consist of three stages:

  • Lessons for the acoustically challenged children, starting with a dance course
  • Visit to Ayb School, participation in dance lesson and tour throughout the school building
  • Repair of one of the rooms in the center for acoustically challenged children after acquisition of the necessary construction material and tools

As of March 13, the first stage and a part of the second stage were implemented.

After the lockdown was imposed, the center offered Ayb students to edit some animation films and videos and add subtitles to them. Thus, five animation films and two videos were assembled, and one of them won the contest of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The third project implemented jointly with Boomerang creative center helped collect books for the library of Dprabak village. About 70 pieces of Armenian and world literature, fairy tales and dictionaries were collected. In addition, an online meeting with poet, publicist, translator, historian and director of Mets Astghik school principal Atom Hakobyan was organized. The initiative brought together the president and members of Boomerang creative center, Ayb students and the student community coordinator Tigran Harutyunyan. The presentation of Mr. Hakobyan’s works was followed by a discussion on patriotism, happiness, love towards nature and Armenian history.


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