What is “saTurn”? Ayb students’ new educational initiative

Cosmic trip around education axis. “saTurn” is a new educational platform, which offers an alternative and interactive educational process for those, who like self-learning and want to enrich their professional knowledge. Ayb students and graduates are at the core of “saTurn”.

Gayane Aydinyan, co-founder of “saTurn”, says, ”During one project we should have chosen one problem and suggest a solution to that. There are many problems in Armenia and we couldn’t sort them by their importance and we decided to refer to the crux of those problems, i.e. education. We are sure that the educational problems are most known to the students and by efforts of 4 students “saTurn” was created.

“saTurn” will work in several directions and will create a platform, where you can find almost everything: Online courses, book-discussions, meetings with foreign students, TedTalks and etc.

The mission of “saTurn” is to top-up educational resources in Armenian. The first steps for this are done: during the 1st stage, there will be translated resources from Business, Thinking skills, Biology, ICT, and Philosophy. The subjects were chosen by a closed vote of “saTurn” members. “saTurn” is a self-organizing institution with its different teams. The ICT team is responsible for creating the webpage, The Content-SMM is in charge for promoting “saTurn” in social media, The Law team is solving legal problems related to registering “saTurn” as NGO, and the team of Interviews selects among 100 applicants.

The selection of initiative’s name is linked to the love of co-founders to the cosmos. Saturn’s name was the most suitable because it easily changed to “saTurn”: “սա” in Armenian means “this”, “that”, and “turn” as a change, so “saTurn” is our educational change in Armenia.

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Vahe Dabaghyan, Ayb School graduate


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