Online meeting with cartographer Ruben Galechyan

The Ayb School has hosted an online meeting with cartographer and honorary doctor of the RA Academy of Sciences Ruben Galechyan.

The maps present information about the world in a simple and visual way, reflecting the world division at certain periods. The online meeting with Mr. Galechyan focused on the centuries-old history of Armenia, its presence on the globes and maps drawn by different nations, starting from a Babylonian empire map dating back to the 600 c. BC and Herodotus’ maps to our days. The presence of Armenia on the most ancient maps, according to Mr. Galechyan, is the most vivid proof that Armenia and Armenians existed for ages. He also drew attention to the fact that majority of the states from the ancient maps do not exist today and Armenia is an exceptional country that continues to exist, overcoming challenges and rebuffing attacks.

Commenting on Azerbaijan’s invented history of 3000 years, Mr. Galechyan said that examination of the maps shows Azerbaijan as a country that started to exist only after 1918. He also said that Azerbaijanis are often posing themselves as Turks in order to make their own history seem older.

To complete the meeting, the Ayb School students and teachers had an opportunity to ask Mr. Galechyan questions.

Lana Melikyan, 11th grade


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