Rockestra studies Armenian rock and prepares for concert

Armenian rock is good and exciting, but few people explore and listen to it. This year's project of Ayb School’s Project-Based Learning Rockestra club undertook to solve this problem.

Made in Armenia, this is the name of the project, where the participants explore the history of Armenian rock bands, the peculiarities of their songs, etc. To make the project complete, it is planned to create a website that will contain stories of several Armenian bands, songs with their chords and lyrics. The project will end with an Armenian rock concert, to which the music bands will be invited.

During the initial stage, a study of the Armenian rock bands was carried out in cooperation with SaTurn, which was organized by Ayb School students and graduates. The work of creating a website has also started.

Currently, the stage of interviews with bands is underway. We had meetings with 2 bands. The members of the club do research with great interest and involvement, properly performing their tasks.

The members of the club assure that the result will be full of interesting discoveries for everyone.

Mane Ohanyan, 12th grade


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