Presentation of PBL ideas

During a recent online event, the members of Ayb High School’s 11 Project-Based Learning clubs got an opportunity to present their ideas regarding the projects they are going to implement and the solutions they are going to give to various issues. The event was supervised by Ayb School alumnus Norayr Zoryan.

The representatives of the Documental Theater club were the first to speak. They voiced anxiety over the fact that people are losing respect for each other. As a solution, the club members plan to stage three performances in Yerevan and one performance in Gyumri and Vanadzor. The objective is to remind about the importance of being respectful and point to the problems that arise in case of the absence of respect, thus helping people resolve the social crisis.

The Engineering club was the second to address the attendees. During the 2021-2022 academic year, the club members are going to create a self-driven boat supposed to transport small loads. The name of the ship is not known yet. Bringing the example of a standard fishing boat, the students explained that their invention will help save time and can be used by fishers, rescuers, and other professionals. The people can send their coordinates to the boat, load it upon its arrival and send it to another location, providing relevant coordinates.

The Film Factory club has been operating for the fifth straight year. During the current academic year, the club will be implementing several projects. The first project has been already launched: a film telling about Ayb School graduate Levon Hovsepyan, who was killed in the 44-day Artsakh war. The club members finished the script and will start assembling soon. The club will carry out three main projects, two films lasting 12-15 minutes each and one slide series (13 slides, 30-60 seconds each). One of the films will be about the Armenian national costume, the known and unknown facts, and the accessories used to decorate it. The second will tell about silver, how it’s used to make jewelry and kitchen utensils. For the third project, the club members will organize shootings in museums and cultural centers and then provide visual information about the exclusive items not known to ordinary visitors.

Art Studio club, which has been operating for seven years, also presented its two projects. Usually embracing various branches of art, the club members did not break traditions this year. The purpose of the first project is to create posters dedicated to the films telling about the process of filmmaking. Arzhepatum (Spreading Values) is the second project that aims to spread 8 principles of Ayb School beyond the Ayb community.

Founded this year, the Podcasting club is going to implement 2 projects. The first will focus on the creation of podcast series dedicated to teenagers’ psychological problems and their possible solutions. All examples and cases will be taken from real life. The second project titled “I want to become” will tell what should be done to choose the right career and how to apply for a university. As choosing a career is a complicated process and the need for different specialties is constantly changing, this project will help students better understand what they want and make the right choice.

The Programming club addressed the problem of volunteering. Very often, people who want to volunteer are not able to find a job they are interested in. Also, various NGOs can’t find the needed number of volunteers with relevant skills. To give a lasting solution to this problem, the club members decided to develop a tool that will help organizations to manage human recourses engaged in volunteering activities and establish interconnection between the companies and volunteers.

The Shadow club undertook to find solutions for a number of social and cultural issues, specifically to raise public awareness of the Armenian culture. The information is supposed to be presented in the form of a shadow performance in order to awaken children’s imagination. For this purpose, a traveling theater will visit the Armenian urban and rural settlement and stage various performances. The project aims to develop the shadow theater culture in Armenia, which is currently not so popular,

Rockestra club will this year work on the Musical Map project which aims to raise public awareness about different cultures. Video materials presented by the club members in the Armenian and English languages will provide information about the culture of foreign countries and a list of musical compositions, which, in turn, will be also presented in the form of a concert & seminar.

Kakavagir club will be engaged in research of Armenian dances. The club will collect and categorize information about the folk dances. At the end of the academic year, each club member will prepare a full presentation of at least one Armenian dance.

Media Experts club will teach how to avoid fake information and develop analytical thinking. The club members have already outlined the goals to be reached. First of all, they will develop their website, where information will be uploaded and translated presumably into Russian and English to cover larger audiences.

The event came to end with the presentation of the Self-Portrait (Selfie) project by the F8 photography club. The students will visit elderly people living in care homes or alone in rural areas, talk to them and try to turn their life for the better. To have a little fun, they will also teach the seniors to take selfies. At the end of the project, all selfies will be displayed at an F8 exhibition.

Thus, all clubs presented their project ideas mean to solve a number of various issues. At the end of the academic year, they will report on the work carried out and the results achieved.

Ina Grigoryan, 11th grade


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