Globe moves to Ayb while students conquer the world

Along with attaching utmost importance to education, Ayb assumed the responsibility to ensure multifaceted development of the students basing on the 8 principles, one of which is initiative taking. This principle will be in the focus of this piece of writing.

Globe within Ayb event took place at Ayb School as one the projects implemented by the 10th-grade students. The purpose of the event was to strengthen intercommunication between the school employees and students, as well as tell the Ayb community about peculiarities of different countries.

7 teams were randomly formed to take part in a draw that determined the region with countries for each team. The teams had to choose a country and create a pavilion to represent 4 aspects: culture, cuisine, traditions, and education. The performance was judged by the jury.

The teams represented the cuisines of Morocco, Greece, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Norway, New Zealand, and Mexico, preparing the most delicious dishes and sweets. The participants cooked the meals trying to preserve all nuances.

When representing culture, the teams focused on traditions, architecture, history and national costumes, revealing the peculiarities of each country and at the same time comparing them with the Armenian culture. The participants carefully prepared the minor elements of the clothes from ancient to modern times. Special attention was paid to national songs and dances.

Presenting the traditions and education, the teams tried to tell about little known facts. They have read a number of books to study the legends and traditions. For example, the Greece team invited a guest from Armenia’s Greek community. Pavel Akritas kindly agreed to help the students decorate the pavilion to comply with the best Greek traditions. He also talked about Greek legends, drawing parallels between the Greek and Armenian mythology.

The jury tasted all dishes and joined all songs and dances, asking questions regarding history, cuisines, traditions, and everyday life of each country. They selected winners for each nomination. The Greece team led by career orientation department head Ruzanna Mayilyan was announced the best.

The event gave all of us an opportunity to learn a bit more about the different regions and countries and get acquainted with their traditions, history, culture, and education. The event will become a tradition and one of the favorite holidays at Ayb.

Ksenia Muradyan

12th grade


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