Ayb hosts interschool basketball competition of One Voice Association

Upon the initiative of One Voice Armenian Association of Independent Schools, Ayb School hosted an interschool competition between basketball teams of One Voice member schools. The event aimed to implant the culture of cooperation among the school teams, as well as communicate to the students one of the key principles of One Voice, the idea that only teamwork, cooperation, and discipline will secure real victory.

Seven member schools of the Association participated in the match, with teams comprising students aged 13 to 15. Match referees were invited from the referee pool of the Basketball Federation of Armenia.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners got certificates and cups. So, the best teams in the interschool basketball competition included the European School team ranking third, the runner-up Avetisyan School team, and the winner of the contest Aregnazan Educational Complex taking the first prize.

Such sports events highlight the improvement and development of one’s own strength and team consolidation which are crucial in the current Armenian agenda.


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