Meeting with analyst Areg Kochinyan

The Ayb School hosted an online meeting with analyst, former press secretary of the Armenian Security Council Areg Kochinyan. He was joined by the Ayb Foundation Board of Trustees chairman, teacher of Physics, Aram Pakhchanian and Ayb School teacher of history, subject group leader Lilit Minasyan, who spoke about the ongoing war in Artsakh.

“Armenia has well prepared for this war and demonstrated strong defense. The Azerbaijani leadership, as well, analyzed the July clashes and came to realize that they need a minor victory in this war to retain their posts. However, these plans were reviewed by Turkey, which provoked large-scale hostilities,” Kochinyan said.

The students, in turn, had an opportunity to ask questions about the political and historical aspects, the course of the Artsakh-Azerbaijani war and its consequences.


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