Learning Through Working: business summer start

One more academic year has come to its end and it’s time for a new summer initiative. Ayb students prefer to spend the summer actively and learn new things. This year Ayb School has again organized Learning Through Working job fair that grants the graduates and alumni an opportunity to undergo summer training in the leading companies.

With the help of Learning Through Working project the graduates and alumni explore new fields, acquire new knowledge and enter the job market, while the companies, in turn, make a contribution to the education of future specialists.

This year the job fair brought together 39 Armenian and international enterprises, with 19 of which the applicants had an opportunity to get familiarized during the seminars that preceded the event.

Many school students and alumni applied to various companies as part of Learning Through Working Project and reached achievements. This year will not be an exception.

Goharik Adamyan (11th grade)

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