Films about hidden treasures of Armenia have been involved in Rolan International Film Festival

Five films made by Ayb School students in the framework of the Exploring the Hidden Treasures project have been involved in the non-competition program “Children for Children” of Rolan International Film Festival, which will take place from November 6 to 10.
The films are: “Vishapagorg: The Hero of All Times,” “The Faience Memory,” “The Temple of Avan: Overcoming the Time” and “Gata Tracery: Life on the Dough”.

The films were premiered in May 2018, and then the project of Ayb School got an invitation to take part in the festival.

The Following the Hidden Treasures project is implemented in the framework of the Film Factory club which is a part of the project-based learning program of Ayb School. The aim of the project is to study and popularize Armenian applied arts.

Narek Van Ashughatoyan and Arusik Zakharyan managed the project and helped the students study arts, their features, and traditions. The students also had a chance to study real works of art.

They have had meetings with leaders of the spheres studied, which allowed the students to understand the process of making artworks and introducing them to public. At the same time, they got acquainted with the film making process.

These films are a good way to tell the public about all the information the students have got during their studies.

The films are available on the YouTube channel of Ayb School.

“Vishapagorg: The Hero of All Times”:

“The Faience Memory”:

“The Temple of Avan: Overcoming the Time”:

“Gata Tracery: Life on the Dough”:

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