10th Ayb generation graduation and mentorship program ceremony held

54 graduates - the 10th Ayb generation - gathered for a graduation ceremony to say goodbye to each other and assume responsibility for future generations.

Ayb School Executive Director David Sahakyan addressed the heroes of the day by quoting Mark Twain, “'Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” He wished them every success in life, where the Ayb experience will be “the morning frog”.

In his remarks, chairman of the Board of Trustees Ruben Arutyunyan wished the graduates could turn their dreams into reality for the welfare of our homeland. Publicist Mark Aren succeeded him on the stage to deliver a speech and present the graduates with one of his books. The chairman of the Ayb Educational Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Aram Pakhchanian, spoke on behalf of the Ayb community. He told 7 stories from his life, emphasizing that the best skills and traits are not inborn but are acquired thanks to diligence and willpower. Ayb Alumni Club chairperson Rimma Ananyan introduced the alumni community.

Best 2021 graduates Sargis Simonyan and Gayane Aydinyan handed over the Best Graduate symbols to Ilya Lalazaryan and Nane Yengibaryan, the graduates of the 2022 class.

Ayb community was formed throughout the years, to become what it is now. 10 years later, this year’s graduates will open a box of letters they addressed to their future selves to see how their life changed.

The 10th Ayb generation received diplomas, bringing the overall number of graduates to 473. The ceremony ended with a traditional round dance.

The graduates also received special badges from the Ayb mentors and discussed the mentorship program ideas and developments with them.


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