Graduation ceremony 2021: Ayb family welcomes 49 new alumni

The young people in dark blue occupied the stage of Sundukyan State Academic Theater on July 10, 2021, for the graduation ceremony of the 9th Ayb School generation. 49 students completed their colorful school journey and stepped into a new life.

Ayb School Executive Director David Sahakyan, Board of Trustees member Anahit Adamyan and donor Artak Hovhannisyan wished the graduates every success and offered some advice on how to face challenges in tumultuous times.

Aris Berberyan, who represents the alumni community at the Board of Trustees, welcomed the graduates into the growing Ayb family. On behalf of all graduates, Gayane Aydinyan and Sargis Simonyan, who were named the best graduates of the 2021 class, addressed heartlfelt thanks to the community members, who tirelessly shared their knowledge and experience to teach the students how to make dreams true and come back to Ayb one day as successful professionals.

The big Ayb family embraced 49 bright individuals, who were on the same day admitted to the mentorship program and received certificates. The Ayb alumni community currently has 419 members.


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