Take Ayb with you: 8th generation graduation ceremony

The solemn graduation ceremony of the 8th Ayb School generation took place online on ZOOM platform and went live on YouTube, which made it available for hundreds of viewers in different countries in real time.

In the conditions of pandemic and lockdown, Ayb School successfully held its most important and symbolic event. This year the ceremony was special not only due to the unusual format, but also thanks to the new people participating in it. For the first time in the school’s history an alumni became a member of the Board of Trustees. Aris Berberian joined Ayb School principal Aram Pakhchanian to grant the students the status of graduates and welcome them to the mentorship program, thus ensuring succession of Ayb generations.

“Minor and major crises have become an inseparable part of our life, as if telling us that nothing is predestined. At the same time, we are given the right of choice and we are free to choose our walk of life and our future. We decide who we are and who will be our friends; we analyze yesterday and pave the way for tomorrow. Any crisis should be perceived through the prism of the future: it may seem stressful and disappointing, but experience shows that hurricanes will calm down and new horizons will open, dependent on the right decisions we made in hard times. The ability to see the light and follow it relies on our values and inner freedom.

The challenges we had to face this year proved that our values are real and our community is strong thanks to the potential, union and vision of its members. We stand strong to overcome any obstacle and challenge. This crisis helped us unite and find new solutions and new realities that will lead us to the bright future. We have succeeded in developing a new vision for education and implemented it though joint efforts.

Entering Ayb School once, you will never go away. Dear graduates, Ayb is yours. Take Ayb with you, show it to the others, surprise the world with you knowledge,” Ayb School principal Aram Pakhchanian said.

Addressing a message of appreciation to the parents, newly elected member of the Ayb School Board of Trustees Ruben Arutyunyan remarked, “I want to thank your parents for choosing Ayb School and making it powerful. It’s a place where dreams come true, and we all know that Ayb was created by dreamers. I wish all you dreams come true one day.”

Ayb donor Karen Musaelyan also addressed the graduates, saying, “This is the moment when you step on your own way. You will have to comprehend the world and find your own place, your voice and your role in it, reaching new achievements. Ancient Greeks used to say, “Know yourself”. You still have to explore yourselves and understand who you are.”

Ayb family is proud of 70 brilliant individuals, who joined the mentorship program and received certificates. Ayb School has now a total of 370 alumni.


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