Each Country is Responsible for Its Own Development: Insights from German Ambassador Mathias Kiesler

The importance of self-reliance and national development has been a recurring theme in international relations. Recently, German Ambassador to Armenia, Mathias Kiesler, reiterated this belief during his visit to the Ayb School as part of the collaborative efforts between the Goethe Institute and Ayb. His address to the students shed light on the significance of individual nations taking charge of their own development processes. This article explores Ambassador Kiesler's perspective and the underlying principles behind this assertion.

Supporting National Development:

Ambassador Mathias Kiesler's message encapsulated the idea that each country bears the primary responsibility for its own development. This viewpoint emphasizes the importance of self-sufficiency, national initiative, and determination to achieve progress. It encourages nations to identify their unique strengths, prioritize domestic resources, and design policies tailored to their specific circumstances. By taking ownership of their development, countries can effectively address challenges, seize opportunities, and build sustainable societies.

The Role of Education and Collaboration:

During his visit to Ayb School, Ambassador Kiesler highlighted the pivotal role of education in empowering individuals and nations alike. Quality education equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute meaningfully to their country's progress. It cultivates critical thinking, innovation, and creativity, enabling individuals to become active participants in shaping their nation's destiny. Collaborative initiatives, such as the partnership between the Goethe Institute and "Ayb," facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices, fostering mutual learning and strengthening international ties.

Empowering Local Communities:

Ambassador Kiesler's emphasis on self-development underscores the importance of empowering local communities within each country. Sustainable development cannot be achieved solely through external aid or interventions. Instead, it requires active engagement with grassroots organizations, community leaders, and citizens themselves. By involving and empowering local communities, countries can tap into their inherent potential, promote inclusivity, and ensure that development efforts benefit all segments of society.

Promoting Good Governance and Accountability:

To effectively pursue self-development, countries must prioritize good governance and accountability. This involves creating transparent institutions, fostering a culture of integrity, and ensuring the responsible management of public resources. Ambassador Kiesler's remarks remind us that a country's development is not solely contingent on external factors but relies heavily on the responsible actions and decisions of its leaders. Encouraging accountable governance practices enables nations to establish an environment conducive to growth, stability, and prosperity.

Bilateral Cooperation:

While asserting the significance of self-development, Ambassador Kiesler also acknowledged the value of bilateral cooperation and knowledge sharing. Countries can benefit greatly from collaborating with others, particularly in areas where they lack expertise or resources. Partnerships between organizations like the Goethe Institute and Ayb School create opportunities for cultural exchange, knowledge transfer, and capacity building. Such collaborations strengthen diplomatic ties, foster mutual understanding, and facilitate collective progress.


German Ambassador Mathias Kiesler's address to the students of Ayb School reinforces the notion that each country is responsible for its own development. By emphasizing the importance of self-reliance, education, community empowerment, good governance, and collaboration, Ambassador Kiesler highlighted the key elements necessary for sustainable progress. This perspective encourages nations to harness their unique strengths, engage in responsible governance, and seek partnerships that promote shared growth. Through collective efforts grounded in individual responsibility, countries can pave the way for their own development, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous and interconnected world.


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