Meeting with Ayb graduates studying in German universities

The Ayb High School students took to the Zoom platform to hold an online meeting with the school graduates studying in German universities. Mariam Ayvazyan, Sergey Surenyan, Sona Markosyan, Vane Andreasyan and Hayk Zatikyan, who study in various German cities, shared thoughts and experience with the students, who wish to continue education in Germany.

The participants focused on the choice of university and admission peculiarities, the importance of speaking and understanding the German language. They also told about their everyday life in Germany and offered interesting solutions.

Their advice was not to be afraid of changes, get in contact with the locals without being ashamed.

Meetings of the kind are very important, as they help understand that each target can be achieved with a precise action plan and diligent work. Being a participant of the meeting, I obtained loads of useful information about Germany and its universities.

Ella Avagyan, 12th grade


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