The F8 Club and the Tasty Armenia project excited the participants of business forum

Within the framework of Ayb School’s project-based learning program, students gain the opportunity to share their projects on different platforms. This time it was the F8 photography club’s turn to show their project.

On September 7, during a business forum held in Meridian center, students presented their project called “Tasty Armenia” which is aimed to show the specific features of Armenian cuisine with photos which were turned into postcards in the final stage.

Those “tasty” postcards attracted many visitors, and the enthusiasm of the students was great, as the F8 Club members were presenting their project in public for the first time. The goal of the students was to organize fundraising with their own efforts to cover the future costs of the photography club.

The first experience was more than successful; the forum guests and participants highly appreciated the works of our students and hurried to get postcards of “Tasty Armenia.” The F8 Club members received a lot of cooperation and support proposals from well-known and very successful organizations.

After this interesting event, our students are excited to develop and continue their project. It was their first experience, but surely not the last. We are all looking forward to further success of the participants of Ayb School’s project-based learning program.

Yeva Seylanyan

12th grade

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