F8 club implements the "Open Art" photo project

Ayb School’s Project-Based Learning F8 club is implementing the Open Art project under the mentorship of photographer Areg Balayan. The aim of the project is to identify unknown artists living next to us - musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc., and to create and disseminate photo stories about them, so that people can see, recognize, and support contemporary art and those who create this art.

The scope of the project was chosen by the jury, the members of which were Ayb School executive director David Sahakyan, director of the Sundukyan National Academic Theater Vardan Mkrtchyan, art critic Elena Aydinyan and photographer Vahan Stepanyan. They, in turn, offered the students to observe 15 other people engaged in art from different age groups. At the moment, the members of our club regularly conduct interviews, meetings with the project participants, and plan what to do next.

One of the goals of the Open Art project is to organize an exhibition, for the implementation of which our fundraising team is actively working. They successfully completed the training course, and now they are summarizing their ideas that will help attract different people and investors to support the project financially.

In addition to all this, together with our mentor we take a photography course that includes both theory and practice, do interesting experiments, look at photography from different angles and have different discussions about it.

Elina Danielyan, 11th grade


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