Analysis of genetic roots: meeting with Levon Yepiskoposyan

On the occasion of World Science Day, Ayb School hosted a meeting with Professor Levon Yepiskoposyan. A renowned specialist in genetics and the head of the Ethnogenomics Laboratory, professor Yepiskoposyan lured the participants with exciting information about the genetic roots of Armenians.

As the head of the Ethnogenomics Laboratory, he is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries encoded in our DNA and shedding light on the complex connections between genetics and identity.

Throughout the event, Professor Yepiskoposyan spoke about his research and discoveries that have advanced our understanding of the genetic makeup of Armenians.

One of the key points of Prof. Yepiskoposyan's speech was the analysis of the genetic roots of Armenians. Through the lens of modern genetics, he demonstrated how the unique genetic markers and variations found in the Armenian population tell the extensive history of ancient migrations, cultural interactions, and their origins. The meeting helped the participants have a better understanding of science, culture, and human history.


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