European Day of Languages celebrated at Ayb

On September 26, Ayb School welcomed two guests - Meri Navasardyan from the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) and Dana Shlukhtman, a representative of Goethe center.

Ms. Shlukhtman presented the principles of PASCH activity and the opportunities for the schools in that field. PASCH is an initiative called ‘’Schools: partners for the future’’, which embraces 1800 schools, including Ayb. Cooperating with Goethe center and NAAD, the initiative:

  • Organizes big events
  • Holds special exams for teenagers
  • Plans camps
  • Organizes trainings for teachers
  • Organizes meetings with graduates and the visits to the different schools
  • Engages volunteers
  • Guides students during mentor programs

Ayb community, especially the students, have a unique opportunity to be involved in all this and make their own contribution.

Ms. Navasardyan introduced the opportunities of the DAAD program, including the future financing of the PASCH students, the order of providing scholarships and the deadlines of application for the programs.

In the end, we enjoyed the works of famous German poets Hesse, Goethe recited by Ayb students.

Arpi Shamoyan , 11 grade

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