Cybersecurity Menaces: panel discussion

Ayb School hosted an online panel discussion on cybersecurity menaces. The speakers were ArmSec foundation director, CyberHUB-AM co-founder Samvel Martirosyan, Ayb Educational Foundation Board of Trustees chairman, ABBY vice-president Aram Pakhchanian and Ayb School senior psychologist Solange Tamamian.

Asked what is cybersecurity, Mr. Martirosyan said it can be shortly described as a possibility to protect systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.

The speakers also offered some tips on how to shield kids from virtual reality threats. They emphasized that the parents’ attitude to this issue differ greatly and individual approach is needed to each child.

Aram Pakhchanian said that parents need time to realize what is dangerous and what is safe in the digital world in order to treat the situation correctly. “It’s important to share the children’s interests for them to perceive parents as friends,” he added.

“We are living in times when even adults can hardly keep avoid digital threats, but we must be watchful,” Mr. Martirosyan said.

In conclusion, the speakers pointed out five cybersecurity rules, which are:

  1. Not to trust any information and check its accuracy
  2. Comprehend that it’s very easy to manipulate people online and be cautious
  3. Avoid spreading information from uknown sources
  4. Avoid sharing secret information like card pin codes and passwords via online messaging services
  5. Obtain more knowledge on information security

Ilona Artazyan, 10th grade


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