Ayb School students develop bio-filters to prevent Lake Sevan eutrophication

Another academic year has come to its end, paving the way towards new achievements for the students of Green Chemistry club. We have accomplished and presented the work we did during the year, including a project aimed at bio-filters creation. The online presentation brought together representatives of the Ayb community members - students, teachers and administrative staff.

We presented what we have done and commented on the progress we achieved. Our objective was to create such a material that would prevent the eutrophication of Lake Sevan without damaging its ecosystem. After a research into the last year’s problem, we understood that no comprehensive solution to save the lake has been developed yet. We used some components used for water purification that are not harmful for fish and plants, these being quinoline-derived algicides.

With the help of our laboratory microscopes, we examined the eutrophicated water samples and then tried to purify them with the algicides. Sometime later, we noticed the difference. We were proud to tell about our progress during the online presentation that was followed by a Q&A session.

The emergency upset our plans, as it has became impossible to continue laboratory experiments since March. However, we have already achieved a positive result. First, we decided that the bio-filter will be a solid and crystal material that will reduce the amount of bacteria contributing to the formation of algae in the water. In addition, we managed to find an organic material that can purify the water. With a detailed action plan, we are now prepared to continue our work during the next academic year.

You can see the result of efforts in the picture below.



Hasmik Baghdasaryan, Green Chemistry club, Bio-filter project


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