6th Ayb Games; A holiday that unites Ayb community

On October 14, Ayb community celebrated Ayb Games. During this fun day, community members compete in physical and intellectual competitions. Besides the games there were a food fair and a souvenir corner. Funds donated during the food fair and souvenir selling cover different needs of Ayb every year. This year's donations will be used to purchase lockers for Ayb School's new building and for a pavilion in the yard of Dilijan Central School.

Ayb Games started with Ayb School girls choir’s performance. They sang the Lord's Prayer. Afterwards, the headmaster of Ayb School Aram Pakhchanian made the opening speech. Mr. Pakhchanian's speech was followed by the promise ceremony of new members of Ayb community: new students, teachers and parents. After the official opening of the ceremony, the most enjoyable part of the day began: sport and intellectual games.

Let’s have a look at what is going around and at the activity of our participants.

Football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball and chess fans cheer for their favorite teams. The atmosphere is hot and tense.

Though this was mainly a sport event, it was also a good chance to show the guests the last year’s achievements. The projects of PBL “A Piece of Yerevantsi,” “Following the Hidden Treasures” and “Tasty Armenia” were screened and the guests were excited by the job done by our students.

The visitors also liked the creativity corner where the littlest guests were painting and coloring. It was amazing to follow their activity.

A brain ring competition took place at the Hayastan hall and 14 teams and about 100 players were involved in it. The atmosphere was very tense, and the questions were becoming more difficult.

Of course, Ayb Games can’t take place without Armenian national dances. Ayb School dance group Aybar’s members taught folk dances to guests and finally everybody danced together, which has become the symbol of Ayb events.

The games and dances were followed by the blessing and tasting of Armenian national dish Harissa. It has never been tastier than on the Ayb Games day. The day ended with awarding the winners with cups.

It was a wonderful and fun day. Ayb community members are already looking forward to the 7th Ayb Games.

Vahe Dabaghyan, 11th grade

Ella Avagyan, 10th grade

Anna Narimanyan, 8th grade


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