Ayb 2.0 program participants spend a day at Ayb school

When Ayb School initiates an event, we are all eager to participate, 14 participants of Ayb 2.0 program say. 9th-grade students from rural schools were happy to take a course in natural science subjects early this year.

The program was implemented by the Ayb Educational Foundation and Ayb School, thus giving a start to the Ayb hybrid education project and welcoming the first participants to the school.

In addition to familiarizing themselves with the learning process at Ayb, the participants now can spend the whole day with Ayb students. An ordinary day, which is actually not ordinary at all.

Everything started with a tour throughout the school. Ayb high school students presented their building without missing any detail: rooms with glass walls that symbolize the transparency of the school life, the slides that help save time, the lift and the reasons to avoid using it that has become a healthy habit.

To complete the tour, some of the students played the piano in the Hayastan hall and shared impressions of the day.

Ayb Students love national dances which symbolize the essence of the school. When they gather together and turn on the music, it’s impossible to stay aside. Our guests were surprised the discover this fact. They joined to dance Kochari and Alashkert dances.

During the lunch hour, the guests found the cafeteria empty. Why? Because there was a football match going on outside. It doesn’t matter what type of competition it is, all are rushing to watch the match and support their favorite team.

The most important and interesting part of the day was the familiarization with the project-based learning. Our guests had an opportunity to join the work of the clubs. Some joined the engineering club, the others showed interest in the film production club that was busy solving a social issue.

It was a good day for our 9th-grade guests, who promised to come back again, and probably not as guests but Ayb School students.

Mary Ghulyan, 12th grade

Ayb hybrid education, excellence for everyone and everywhere

Ayb hybrid education is a competitive and comprehensive educational model based on the Araratian Baccalaureate (AB) program. The project is designed for the 10th-grade students studying in the schools of Armenia and Artsakh.

The program objectives

The main goal of the program is to help high school students with choosing the right career. It also aims to help develop business thinking, research and analytical skills for the welfare of our homeland.


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