Out-of-school art class at Kochar house museum

Art classes at Ayb School create a special atmosphere of freedom, which is not limited to classroom walls and gives the opportunity to get acquainted, study and interact with art immediately at the art house.

This time, 11th grade painting group members were welcomed at Yervand Kochar house museum, getting a wonderful opportunity to hear about the creative life of the famous artist and see his paintings, sculptures, miniatures and even documents.

It was so exciting to see the works of the great artist and link them to a certain period of his life, while the artist’s granddaughter, Karine Kochar, presented a lot of interesting information. It’s noteworthy that Kochar’s canvases and sculptures are scattered all over the world and have found their place in European art galleries or private collections. These works are unlikely to return to the artist’s house museum but here VR glasses come to the rescue and offer you a journey through France or Russia, where Kochar’s numerous masterpieces are kept.

Such out-of-school art classes not only play an important role for the students’ level of education but also serve as a stimulus to love the arts and, why not, create their own pieces.

Lana Melikyan, grade 11


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